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Faro Airport transfers to Portimao

Faro Airport Transfers Portimao

Booking a transfer from Faro Airport to Portimao, How it works?
All the transfers must be booked before you arrive at Faro, Lisbon or Seville airports. Using our booking form make the selection From Faro to Portimao, select the number of persons and the price will be calculated accordinglly. It will inform you the travel time and the distance Faro to Portimao. Enter dates, flight arriving and departing times. The pickup From Portimao to Faro will be calculated to be in Faro Airport 2 hours before the flight time and 2.5 hours to Lisbonne and Seville Airport. The transfer price to Portimao when confirmed is guaranteed by Ttaxi Travel. To confirm your booking Ttaxi Travel sends a confirmation voucher with all details to your email address. We will be in Faro airport to your arrival and on pickup time to bring you and your family back from Portimao to Faro Airport.

About Portimao

Portimão is the secound city in the Algarve after Faro, called the capital of "Barlavento".

Portimão is a port city in the Algarve region in southern of Portugal, visited by some cruises that can been seen near Praia da Rocha. It is known for its historic center, lively marina and proximity to several beaches as the famouse Praia da Rocha Beach. Today, Portimão is the 3rd national port (behind Lisbon and Funchal), which receives more passengers from cruise ships, reinforcing the quality tourism in a area characterized by mass tourism. 

In recent years, the mouth of Portimao river (Arade river) has been the scene of major events. It is also the place of the Portuguese race of the international championship of Formula 1 in motonáutica. Portimão is today a reference municipality in the Algarve. The anchor pole of the Eastern Algarve, is distinguished by its tourist offer, by its pulsar and dynamism, very own, and by a diversity of activities that make your day-to-day life, at various levels, intense and marked by a rhythm that continues throughout the year.
You can see in Portimão a Museum, a restored cannery from the 19th-century with exhibitions on local history. The church of Our Lady of the Conception in the center of the city, in Gothic style with its tiles. Praia da Rocha is the night live of Portimão, with cliffs as a backdrop and the medieval fortress of Santa Catarina de Ribamar.

Postal code: 8500
Population: 55 614 (2011)
District: Faro

Water parks as Slide e Splash and Zoomarine are about 30 minutes away.

Golf near Alvor: - Alto Golf Course Alvor | Penina Golf Course Alvor | Morgado Golf Course Portimao| Palmares Golf Course Lagos 

Low Prices, Cheap Prices Prices Faro to Portimao and closer resorts:
Faro Airport Transfer Algarve To Travel Distance Price per Vehicle From
Portimao 71 Km 52 mins 54€
Monte Judeu / Monte Canelas 75 Km 54 mins 54€
Penina 71 Km 46 mins 54€
Alvor 75 Km 52 mins 54€
Mexilhoeira Grande 78 Km 51 mins 56€