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Faro Airport transfers to Praia da Luz

Faro Airport Transfers Praia da Luz

Booking a transfer from Faro Airport to Praia da Luz, How it works?
All the transfers must be booked before you arrive at Faro, Lisbon or Seville airports. Using our booking form make the selection From Faro to Praia da Luz, select the number of persons and the price will be calculated accordinglly. It will inform you the travel time and the distance Faro to Praia da Luz. Enter dates, flight arriving and departing times. The pickup From Praia da Luz to Faro will be calculated to be in Faro Airport 2 hours before the flight time and 2.5 hours to Lisbonne and Seville Airport. The transfer price to Praia da Luz when confirmed is guaranteed by Ttaxi Travel. To confirm your booking Ttaxi Travel sends a confirmation voucher with all details to your email address. We will be in Faro airport to your arrival and on pickup time to bring you and your family back from Praia da Luz to Faro Airport.

About Praia da Luz

Praia da Luz knowned just by Luz, is a small village located about 6 kilometres from the Lagos Algarve in Portugal. Also known as Luz de Lagos or Vila da Luz, "Praia da Luz" (Beach of the Light) is used to refer to both the urbanized village and the beach. From a small fishing village, Praia da Luz became one of the well knowne holiday destination in the Algarve.

The bigest atraction of Praia da Luz is its Beach and the pacefull atmosphere of a stiil small place.

Boavista Golf is the nearst golf course and Lagos is only 6km away. Boat trips and fishing trips are available from Lagos. All the places to the west of Praia da Luz untill the St. Vicente cape should be visited as in this places you still can admire the traditional way of the place and its nature.